Microflex® XC-310 XCEED Nitrile Powder Free Exam Glove

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Ideal for:

  • Healthcare
  • Laboratory
  • Dental
  • Tattoo
  • Industrial Safety
  • Manufacturing
  • Automotive

Unparalleled Comfort
Industry Leading Protection, Strength and Value

Traditionally, glove users have had to compromise strength in
order to receive a more comfortable lighter weight glove. Less
comfortable gloves can increase the muscle effort required to
perform repetitive tasks. Prolonged muscle effort over longer
periods of time can cause hand fatigue which has been
associated with more serious injuries.

Solution – Our newest breakthrough innovation, XCEED® gloves,
made with our advanced proprietary nitrile formulation – Avantex™.
In a comprehensive study XCEED® gloves markedly reduced
muscle effort.

As the 1st examination glove to earn an Ergonomic Certification
from U.S. Ergonomics, an industry leader in Ergonomic standards
XCEED® gloves ensure the optimal balance of comfort, strength,
protection and value.


  • Unparalleled Comfort – In a comprehensive study XCEED® gloves markedly reduced muscle effort
  • Improved Strength – Up to 60% stronger than leading nitrile brands, and up to 90% stronger than leading latex brands
  • Leading Protection – Setting the standard with pinhole rates that are nearly 75% below the already stringent level set by the FDA
  • Value – Packed 250* gloves per box, XCEED® gloves save you money, time and storage space


Packaged 2500 / case.