Texwipe TX5812 TexWrite 22 Printer Paper

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Sold by the case
2500 sheets/case

Size 8.5" x 11"

TexWrite® 22 is a cleanroom bond paper impregnated with a synthetic copolymer to substantially reduce the risk of particle generation associated with standard papers. Unlike other cleanroom papers, TexWrite® 22 is formulated without organic fillers such as calcium carbonate, titanium dioxide or aluminum silicate. Although these fillers impart whiteness and opacity, they also contribute to ionic contamination. Eliminating organic fillers significantly reduces ionic contamination in the cleanroom.
TexWrite® 22 bond possesses both strength and excellent heat resistance, making it ideal for use in laser printers and photocopiers. TexWrite® 22 is available in white, blue, yellow, pink and green to allow for easy identification as cleanroom paper or to differentiate between shifts, areas or projects.

■No organic fillers
■No natural latex binders
■High strength and excellent heat resistance
■Excellent toner adhesion
■Cleanroom packaged
■Precision-cut edges

■Very low particle counts and sodium levels
■Reduced ionic and metal contamination
■Compatible with toner and offset printing
■Autoclavable for use in sterile environments

■Standard-duty and high-speed laser printers and photocopiers
■No risk of latex associated reactions
■Offset printing
■Note taking, cleanroom manuals and work instructions