Texwipe TX2418 AlphaSorb HC Wipers

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Sold by the bag
100 wipes/bag

Size: 18" x 18" (46 cm x 46 cm)

AlphaSorb® HC is a cleanroom laundered, two-ply, 100% polyester wiper constructed from continuous-filament polyester knitted in a double-knit interlock pattern. Developed specifically for the pharmaceutical industry and other critical environments, AlphaSorb® HC offers high sorbency capacity coupled with low particle and extractable levels.

■Cleanroom-laundered 100% synthetic knit (continuous-filament,
double-knit polyester)
■Unique two-ply construction
■Large surface area with excellent sorbency
■SolventSafe Bag-Within-A-Bag®
cleanroom packaging
■Laundered and packaged at ITW Texwipe’s Cleanroom Products
Manufacturing Center

■Protects cleanroom environment with low levels of releasable
particles and fibers
■Polyester fabric withstands exposure to commonly used cleaning
and disinfecting solutions such as bleaches, phenols and
quaternary ammonium compounds
■Large wiper size and liquid capacity simplify the application of
large volumes of cleaning and disinfecting solutions
■Superior strength allows for rigorous wiping with minimal release
of fibers and particles
■Wiper glides smoothly over surfaces and does not snag
■Lot-to-lot traceability