Texwipe TX409 Absorbond 9x9 Wipers

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TX404 Absorbond 300 wipers/bag, 9" x 9" (23 cm x 23 cm)
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Hydroentangled polyester wipers for maximum sorptive capacity and optical applications - best wiper for cleaning oil or grease.


Absorbond is the wiper of choice for critical wiping applications where softness, non-abrasiveness and very low extractable levels of nonvolatile residue are essential. Absorbond is made of 100% hydroentangled polyester. The hydroentanglement process uses jets of water to mechanically entangle the fibers, eliminating the need for chemical binders. Even though Absorbond contains no surfactants, its sorptive capacity is five times its weight. This is due to the density of Absorbonds fiber structure, which allows for the sorption of liquids through capillary action.


- 100% synthetic fiber (hydroentangled polyester)
- Statistical Quality Control
- Excellent oil and grease absorption


- Provides absorbency up to five times its own weight
- Prevents abrasion with its soft, durable surface
- Prevents product and cleanroom contamination with ultra-low levels of particles and extractables


- Cleaning and absorbing oil and grease
- Very low solvent extractable levels make Absorbond ideal for applications where low nonvolatile residue is essential
- Nonabrasive cleaning and handling of delicate optical-grade components such as coated lenses, fiber optic sensors and mirrors
- Cleaning precision assembly components and sensitive surfaces
- Low-contamination work surface