Texwipe TX726 CrushTube Swabs

Texwipe TX726 CrushTube Swab Specialty Series

  • Product Description

    CrushTube™ Swab is a single-use polyester brush, that when activated becomes saturated with 91% isopropyl alcohol (IPA). The Point-of-Use design includes an internal vial of the alcohol isolated from the polyester brush. The user simply crushes the vial to release the alcohol and saturate the brush. The polymer casing contains the liquid and broken vial for safety, efficiency and ease of use. The CrushTube swab is packaged in a PVC blister pack with a flashspun high-density polyethylene cover stock. This package protects the swab from contamination and provides an extra level of prevention against unintended release of isopropyl alcohol. The CrushTube Swab is designed to clean emitter electrodes in ionizing systems. When activated and rotated against the electrodes, the IPA-saturated brush tip effectively cleans and removes environmental contamination. Regular cleaning of the emitter electrodes with CrushTube Swabs ensures the ionizing systems will perform consistently and optimally.

    ■ Polyester brush swab head
    ■ Point-of-use saturation with 91% isopropyl alcohol
    ■ Peel open blister pack
    ■ Individually packaged with cleanroom compatible materials

    ■ Economically cleans and removes environmental residue
    ■ Optimum design for emitter electrodes and similarly shaped
    ■ Virtually unlimited shelf life
    ■ Easy to store, to transport, to open and to use
    ■ Safer and easier than handling bulk solvents or IPA
    ■ Solvent available at time of application
    ■ Minimal particle release from package

    ■ Cleaning and maintaining ionizing points on static eliminators
    ■ General contaminant removal for spot clean-up in critical
    ■ Solvent cleaning in o-ring grooves and other narrow spaces


    Sold by the case
    50 swabs / box
    10 boxes / case 


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